Saturday, March 12, 2016

OH MY.....

I decided to check out the number of layouts that I completed last year.  Sadly to say, I only completed 130 (compared to 235 the year before!).  AND this year is not off to a great start.  I suppose having a job will do that.  However, my aspirations have not disappeared.

I was able to get away with my friends to scrap in the mountains and we had a great time and we were even a little productive too!  I found most of my layouts to be on the simple side - but doing a simple layout is a great way to get the mojo going again!

I started off with my Christmas card pages.  I receive a lot of photographs at Christmas time and I really do enjoy keeping them.  I trim the photos and make a collage with the photos.  It is a great way to end the year/album - I think.  This year, I had nine of these pages!

Next, I had this one picture from vacation that was stunning.  I mean that it captured the pool at night so well and brought back memories from our trip.  I did not want to take away from the photo or that feeling - so I kept this page super simple.  Check it out.

Funny thing is that I probably spent more time thinking about this layout than actually putting it together!  This will be the last page of our vacation photos.  Ahhhh - to be there right now would be awesome!

Well, just like that I completed 10 pages!  I suppose my goal for this year to complete the same if not more pages than last year!  18 down - 112 to go!

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