Sunday, October 30, 2016

It's Hip To Be Square...

OK - I couldn't resist the title but it is a nice segue into this week's challenge at Lasting Memories!  The theme for the month is shapes and this week you are asked to use squares on your layouts!  There are soo many options here and I choose to use a mosaic pattern.  I followed a pinwheel pattern and came up with this....

The idea behind the pinwheel pattern is to start with a large center photo.  From there, add the same size photos on each side of that center photo and work your way out.  Since I did not have a large number of photos, I added in square pieces of paper to fill in the page.  I ended up with a long rectangular section in my pattern.  Fortunately, I found chipboard words that fit perfectly.  However, one of those words did not fit my color scheme so I altered it a little with ink.  

One last note is my continuous and never ending battle with the alphabets I have on hand.  My mission to use those alphabets is working but the stash doesn't seem to budge much!  I have become somewhat an expert on altering letters to make them work.  I did not have any of the letters I needed for my title - even when I changed the title a thousand times.  (OK that is a little exaggeration but you get the point.)  I settled on the "Too Cool" title and went to work.  The "t" was originally and "f" - just trimmed the top.  The "o's" were the inside sections left over from other letters like "g" and such.  The "C" was a "Q" - again trimmed.  Finally, the "l" was a "k" - again trimmed.   I have learned that the letters look better if they are trimmed instead of trying to add a section to complete the letter needed.

In any case, squares are a great shape to use on your work.  How creative can you be?  I would love to see!  Links are due at the end of November!

Materials Used:  cardstock, scrap paper, brads, Scenic Route chipboard words & Redmond Stencil chipboard alphabet, and Creative Memories square punch.